Hey Guys!

So, back in 2011, I went to Kuwait. But here’s the funny bit – none of it was planned. We hadn’t even decided to go there. You must be wondering – how did you end up there then?

Well, we (we as in me and my mum and dad) were going to Bangladesh with Kuwait Airways, but the airport where our transit was – there was a sandstorm happening. So they took us to another airport where we had to wait for an hour. Eventually they took us to Kuwait airport. But we couldn’t fly to Bangladesh, due to the sandstorm. So what the airport management did was they arranged for us to go to Sheraton Kuwait – a 5 star hotel (it was for free 😉 ). They took us there on a bus and we saw the entire view while we went there. The sand, the trees, the people, the buildings – fabulous!

We spent a night and two days in Kuwait. We went sightseeing (as much as we could, we didn’t know what to see though as it wasn’t planned) and we went shopping. There was a shopping mall a five minute walk away.

Hoping to go there again to see a lot more planned stuff! Have any of you already been there or live there? Comment below and let me now… And don’t forget, if you liked my post then follow my blog for more! 😉


Travel Bucket List

Hey Guys!

So, I absolutely love travelling! I love going to new places and exploring. So I’ve decided to make my own travel bucket list. BUT… As I can’t really afford going to lots of countries in one year, this is for all the countries/cities I want to go in the next 5 years 😉

  1. Iceland –> Blue lagoon! It’s so beautiful! Some of my friends have gone and I’m dying to go!!!
  2. Amsterdam –> I was born there, but the last time I was there was 8 years ago!! So, I don’t remember much
  3. Greece –> It’s so beautiful and my uncle lives there!
  4. Maldives –> My uncle went there this year and I went crazy after seeing the photos!
  5. Dubai –> OMG! Buildings! Burj Khalifa!
  6. Bali –> Island!! Water!!
  7. Spain –> History
  8. Portugal –> AMAZING!
  9. Ireland –> Not too far, but still haven’t gone! Want to go!
  10. Naples –> I didn’t get to that part of Italy! I want to climb Mt Vesuvius!
  11. Luxembourg –> I’ve heard it’s beautiful!
  12. Sri Lanka –> Beaches!
  13. Malaysia –> Beauty! Nature!

Let’s see how many of these countries I am able to visit! Make your own travel bucket list – don’t forget your camera. Have you been to any of these countries or do you live there? Comment below… And don’t forget, if you liked my post then follow my blog for more 😉



Hey Guys!

So remember me saying I’m going to Canada? I’m also going to the United States! It’ll be amazing. I’m even more excited now!

So many places I could go! Washington! New York! Virginia! Oklahoma! Pennsylvania! North Carolina! It’s going to be a fabulous journey! :O I’ll finally see the statue of liberty! I’m going to do soooooo much shopping! I mean, who wouldn’t?!

Unfortunately, I can’t go to places like Florida, California, LA, Las Vegas, San Francisco. But never mind, maybe next time. I should be grateful with what I’m getting! 😉

Can’t wait to tell you all about everything that I’ve done!! But obviously that’s after I’ve actually gone… LOL!

I don’t actually know where exactly I’ll go yet though. Have you gone before or do you live there? Comment below and suggest places I could go please!! And don’t forget… If you liked my post then follow my blog for more! 😉



Hiiiiii guys!!!

Sorry I have posted in a while (still haven’t gotten used to the process and become consistent in my work).

Anyways… Guess what? I’m going to Canada for my holiday!!! I’m going this Summer! That’s one less country off my list. Yay!! I’ve gone before but like, I was a year and a half old – so obviously I remember nothing.

There’s so much to see! I’m going there for a month so hopefully I’ll see a lot! There’s lots of places I want to go but I don’t know if I can go to all those places (although I really wished I could!!!) I want to go to lake Ontario, Niagara Falls (definitely going there), Toronto Islands, Moraine Lake, Georgian Bay, Ottawa, Quebec City, Rocky Mountains, Banff National Park, Montreal etc. EEEEEK!!! So excited!

Any of you gone already? Anyone live there? Tell me places I could go! Comment below!… And don’t forget if you liked my post then follow my blog! 😉



Hey Guys!

So… In the summer of 2014 I went to Italy and visited many of its cities. I went to: Venice, Vicenza, Verona, Garda, Rome and Vatican City (although it technically isn’t in Italy). I LOVED IT! Very beautiful place. Especially Venice. However, there was one thing I didn’t enjoy – the HEAT! It was 45 degrees Celsius (that made me awfully grumpy)!

Venice is obviously a very famous city in Italy. We had to go there by boat and then there were some roads (floating on the water) where you could walk. Absolutely amazing! There were shops, there was a church (I saw two couples getting married there that day – #goals), there were canoes and people everywhere! The canoes were fabulous!

Verona was beautiful! I went to Juliet Capulet’s house! I even went to her famous balcony!

Garda! Garda is where I stayed. Lake Garda is a very huge and beautiful lake. It has an amazing scenery as it’s right next to some hills. In the evening I went to the lake and cooled down in the water (it was like a beach).I even climbed one of the hills there and did a hike! You could see the view of the whole lake Garda from the top, check the picture above.

Rome! I saw Rome’s famous colosseum! AMAZING! Definitely worth travelling 5 hours  by car to get there!

Vatican City! A city of history and beauty! Took a tour guide there to find out about the whole place. LOVED IT!

Have you been to Italy before? Or do you live there? Or do you want to go there? How do/did you find it? Comment below and let me know… 😉 And yes, if you liked my post then don’t forget to follow 😉




In the summer of 2015, I went to Switzerland. It is the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen! I visited Rhein and Zurich and OMG it was amazing!

Above in the picture you can see a picture I took of Rheinfall – the largest waterfall in Europe. It is absolutely stunning! You can hear the waves of water, you can hear the water falling below, you can hear the drizzles of the water falling on the rocks below. You can see the crystal blue water gushing onto the rocks, you can see the silver streaks of water hidden among the blue.

Zurich! Zurich is also amazing! The river, the buildings, the people. It’s AMAZING!

I also went to Mt Titlis, the Alps. It’s beautiful. The mountains are higher than the clouds! Fabulous!

Would you want to go to Switzerland? Or have you already been? If yes, then how did you like it? Comment below and let me know. 😉



What is culture?

Culture… What is it? According to the Oxford dictionary culture is: ‘the ideas, customs, and social behaviour of a particular people or society.’

In MY opinion, culture is many things. Culture is where you’re from, how you act and behave, your values; all these things determine your culture. How you treat women, children, the elderly; how you treat everyone – all of these determine your values and your values determine your culture.

People may be from different backgrounds, they may have different roots, but if you all know how to respect each other, then you follow a similar culture.

What is your interpretation of culture? Comment below and let me know! 😉


Why Te Amo Vita?

Hey guys, so… Many of you must be wondering why I chose ‘Te Amo Vita!’ as my blog name. Well, ‘Te Amo’ in Spanish means ‘I love you’ and ‘Vita’ in Italian means ‘life’ so together it means ‘I love you life!’ I chose this as the name of my blog because I think there is a lot about life to explore. I also believe that you should ‘love the life you live and live the life you love’. I decided to use these two language because both are used in two different places, two different cultures and environments. I love finding out about places and cultures! You’ll have guessed by now that there will be a lot of that type of content on my blog as well as much more. Stay tuned to find out more…