Hey Guys!

So… In the summer of 2014 I went to Italy and visited many of its cities. I went to: Venice, Vicenza, Verona, Garda, Rome and Vatican City (although it technically isn’t in Italy). I LOVED IT! Very beautiful place. Especially Venice. However, there was one thing I didn’t enjoy – the HEAT! It was 45 degrees Celsius (that made me awfully grumpy)!

Venice is obviously a very famous city in Italy. We had to go there by boat and then there were some roads (floating on the water) where you could walk. Absolutely amazing! There were shops, there was a church (I saw two couples getting married there that day – #goals), there were canoes and people everywhere! The canoes were fabulous!

Verona was beautiful! I went to Juliet Capulet’s house! I even went to her famous balcony!

Garda! Garda is where I stayed. Lake Garda is a very huge and beautiful lake. It has an amazing scenery as it’s right next to some hills. In the evening I went to the lake and cooled down in the water (it was like a beach).I even climbed one of the hills there and did a hike! You could see the view of the whole lake Garda from the top, check the picture above.

Rome! I saw Rome’s famous colosseum! AMAZING! Definitely worth travelling 5 hours  by car to get there!

Vatican City! A city of history and beauty! Took a tour guide there to find out about the whole place. LOVED IT!

Have you been to Italy before? Or do you live there? Or do you want to go there? How do/did you find it? Comment below and let me know… 😉 And yes, if you liked my post then don’t forget to follow 😉



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