Hey Guys!

So remember me saying I’m going to Canada? I’m also going to the United States! It’ll be amazing. I’m even more excited now!

So many places I could go! Washington! New York! Virginia! Oklahoma! Pennsylvania! North Carolina! It’s going to be a fabulous journey! :O I’ll finally see the statue of liberty! I’m going to do soooooo much shopping! I mean, who wouldn’t?!

Unfortunately, I can’t go to places like Florida, California, LA, Las Vegas, San Francisco. But never mind, maybe next time. I should be grateful with what I’m getting! 😉

Can’t wait to tell you all about everything that I’ve done!! But obviously that’s after I’ve actually gone… LOL!

I don’t actually know where exactly I’ll go yet though. Have you gone before or do you live there? Comment below and suggest places I could go please!! And don’t forget… If you liked my post then follow my blog for more! 😉


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