Hey Guys!

So, back in 2011, I went to Kuwait. But here’s the funny bit – none of it was planned. We hadn’t even decided to go there. You must be wondering – how did you end up there then?

Well, we (we as in me and my mum and dad) were going to Bangladesh with Kuwait Airways, but the airport where our transit was – there was a sandstorm happening. So they took us to another airport where we had to wait for an hour. Eventually they took us to Kuwait airport. But we couldn’t fly to Bangladesh, due to the sandstorm. So what the airport management did was they arranged for us to go to Sheraton Kuwait – a 5 star hotel (it was for free 😉 ). They took us there on a bus and we saw the entire view while we went there. The sand, the trees, the people, the buildings – fabulous!

We spent a night and two days in Kuwait. We went sightseeing (as much as we could, we didn’t know what to see though as it wasn’t planned) and we went shopping. There was a shopping mall a five minute walk away.

Hoping to go there again to see a lot more planned stuff! Have any of you already been there or live there? Comment below and let me now… And don’t forget, if you liked my post then follow my blog for more! 😉


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