Our Economics

Hi Guys!

So, I’m setting up a new blog along with this one. It’s all about economics! I’ve only just started setting it up but it’s not exactly ready yet. Check it out at: https://oureconomics.wordpress.com/


Travel Bucket List

Hey Guys!

So, I absolutely love travelling! I love going to new places and exploring. So I’ve decided to make my own travel bucket list. BUT… As I can’t really afford going to lots of countries in one year, this is for all the countries/cities I want to go in the next 5 years 😉

  1. Iceland –> Blue lagoon! It’s so beautiful! Some of my friends have gone and I’m dying to go!!!
  2. Amsterdam –> I was born there, but the last time I was there was 8 years ago!! So, I don’t remember much
  3. Greece –> It’s so beautiful and my uncle lives there!
  4. Maldives –> My uncle went there this year and I went crazy after seeing the photos!
  5. Dubai –> OMG! Buildings! Burj Khalifa!
  6. Bali –> Island!! Water!!
  7. Spain –> History
  8. Portugal –> AMAZING!
  9. Ireland –> Not too far, but still haven’t gone! Want to go!
  10. Naples –> I didn’t get to that part of Italy! I want to climb Mt Vesuvius!
  11. Luxembourg –> I’ve heard it’s beautiful!
  12. Sri Lanka –> Beaches!
  13. Malaysia –> Beauty! Nature!

Let’s see how many of these countries I am able to visit! Make your own travel bucket list – don’t forget your camera. Have you been to any of these countries or do you live there? Comment below… And don’t forget, if you liked my post then follow my blog for more 😉

Hey Guys!

Hey guys, I’m Tee (as in like, how you say ‘tea’) and welcome to Te Amo Vita! So, on my blog you’ll find lots of different random posts on different random topics… Hopefully there’ll be something you’ll like! I’ll try have regular and consistent posts once I’m used to this entire thing. Keep visiting my site to find new posts!